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Mutant Modifiers Skaventide Horde WIP

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I've been building up a Skaventide Horde for three or four weeks now.  Some old real classics such as the metal Vermin Lord (yet to be assembled), Ikit Claw, a few Stormvermin and some Giant Rats have been waiting in my bits box for ages. Bought piles of random secondhand Skaven stuff from the internet to really fill up the ranks. I'm leaning towards the Clans Moulder and Skryre stuff, but am going to do others as well. Much/some converting, kitbashing and sculpting involved. More pics & rambling at my blog.

The current line-up is like so:

* Warlock Engineer (almost done)

* Hell Pit Abomination (almost done)

* 20 Clanrats (done, except for the banner)

* 10 Giant Rats (done)

* 2 Rat Ogors (done)

* 4 Rat Swarms (done)

Next up maybe Skryre Acolytes, Storm Fiends, Vermin Lord and/or some Packmasters?









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