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WTB/T: A long list of limited edition models and oddities

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Posted (edited)

I finally took the time to sort out my "most wanted" list. Apologies for the wall of text. I've got cash and lots to trade and will be happy to pay for shipping from wherever in the world if the overall price is reasonable. I know a lot of you are in the UK/EU where many of these things are more common than in the US, so I would very much appreciate if anyone is willing to take mercy on a poor yankee collector XD

High Elves

  • Handmaiden of the Everqueen (most recent version, seriously looking for this!)
  • Maiden Guard (most recent version)
  • Eltharion the Blind
  • Eltharion the Grim


  • Tehenhauin
  • Games Day Slann
  • Army Box BSB (2003)
  • Tenehuini
  • Inxi-Huinzi

Orcs and Goblins/Gloomspite Gits

  • Gorbad Ironclaw
  • Azhag the Slaughterer (most recent version)
  • Grom the Paunch
  • Gazakh Khan
  • PR25 Orc Boss (Gamesday 2007)
  • PR38 Night Goblins
  • Army box BSB (2000)
  • Borgut Facebeater
  • Wurrzag on boar


  • PR7 Games Day Champion (2002)
  • Epitome of Evil Marauder
  • PR41/42 Chaos Sorceror on Disk
  • Army Box BSB (2002)
  • Warhammer Forge Chaos Ogre
  • Warhammer Forge Skinwolf


  • Jules le Jongleur
  • Tristan le Troubadour
  • Gui le Gros
  • Bertrand the Brigand
  • Hugo Petit
  • Baron Odo d'Outremer
  • Suliman le Saracen

Wood Elves 

  • direct order only Eternal Guard sculpt


  • Thorgrim Grudgebearer (most recent sculpt)
  • Josef Bugman (6th edition, Bugman’s Bar 2008, Bugman’s Bar 2012, any current Bugman’s Bar models)
  • Warhammer World Mug (not a model)
  • Grombrindal/White Dwarf (2009 WD sub model, 2014 vampire hunter WD sub model)
  • Army box BSB (2000)
  • Garagrim Ironfist
  • Burlok Damminson
  • Kragg The Grim
  • King Kazador
  • Queen Helga
  • Drong

Vampire Counts 

  • Army box BSB

The Empire/Kislev

  • Marco Columbo (PR17 2003, 2013)
  • Valten (Two hammer version on foot, medium version on horse)
  • Ludwig Schwarzhelm
  • Warrior Priests of Ulric
  • Lietpold the Black
  • Tsar Boris
  • Tzarina Katarin
  • most other Kislev
  • Middenheim army box BSB (2004)
  • Army box Bright Wizard (2006)
  • Citizens of the Empire (duellists, merchant, scribe, mascot)

Black Library

  • PR33-37: Gotrek, Felix, Snorri, Ulrika Straghov, Max Schrieber and diorama base

Staff Gifts 

  • 2005 Wood Elf Scout

Forge World Collector Series (these are larger scale models, not the busts)

  • Grotfang
  • Dwarf Dragon Slayer
  • Malus Darkblade
  • Nazgob
  • Night Goblin Spearman
  • Ogre Mercenary
  • Plague Priest
  • Plaguebearer
  • Skaven Assassin
  • Squig Hopper
  • Teclis
  • Saurus Temple Guard


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