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Want to trade or sell a big NURGLE army!!!

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Hello. I would like to trade for another army  or sell a Nurgle army. (preferably Destrucion)🤑

I've tried to play with them but I don't like their style.  😞

I've got around 3000 points of nurgle constisting in:

2 Great Unclean One.

1 Rotigus.


Sloppity Bilepiper


Spoilpox Scrivener

Gutrot Spume

Festus The Leechlord

20 x Putrid Blightknights (well Painted)

39x Plague Bearer 

2x Pusgoyle Blightlords

6x Nurglins

1 x Feculent Gnarlmaw


If anyone is insterested into buy them I would like to have 550 euros for them. 

Shipping world wide with tracking  number.

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6 hours ago, Martin87 said:

How much are you looking for? Also are they painted and if so how well?

I think they said 550 Euros

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