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2K Blood and Change Daemons


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playing 2k vs treesprits tonight, have been running the khorne blood host but wanted a slightly lower model count for ease of play and wanted some magic and a touch of shooting

Daemonic cohort of Khorne
Bloodthurster of Rage, Dark Avenger and runeblade (I use the 30k Samus model)
20 bloodletters 
20 bloodletters 
20 bloodletters
6 blood crushers

Gaunt summoner
Burning chariot of tzenntch


Summoning pool of 60 for fatey to make a spawn

Don't like having such a small tzeench warband but I could not easily fit horrors or anything else

Plan is to exploit both the formation rules on the rage thurster has worked before should be easier with fatey around


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can you combine those bloodletters into 2 30 man units?That'll help them keep their +1 to hit longer.


You'd just need to find some cheap battle line to add. Are crushers battle line?


Overall I like the list. I see you have the gaunt summoner in there- so are you ok with mortals? If so I'd add in a blood secrator to buff your blood letters

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Yes I will add a Secrator he just seems like such an auto include I resent it lol, not going to put him in till hes painted along with some mortal bodyguards, he buffs daemons so much more than bloodbound...


Daemonic cohort of khorne has to have 3 units of bloodletters, I have 70 painted all up, the units of 20 have done me better than I expected if I get the bonus once I'm happy, units of 30 would feel so unweldly though


crushers are only battleline if a jugger herald is general, not going to happen, and have to have one unit for the formation

the Samus model doesn't have a whip hence I only use the Rage thurster, the 'Outrageous Carnage' rule is just soooo brutal, more so because of the formation, last night when he charged 5 units where in 8' of him all took 9 mortal wounds... taking 2 off the table


it isn't tzeentch formation, and contemplated a khorne Prince over the chariot, but wanted something shootie to give me something in that phase to help weaken units and supplement the magic phase


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