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[rule question] pile in against lumineth pikemen


Posted (edited)

Hi guys, 

Given the last preview of the lumineth realm-lords in the upcoming white dwarf I was wondering what was the rule in order to pile-in closer to a model with such a long pike?

If I position my lumineth unit with their pikes down in front of them and a unit charges them and wants to pile in 3 inches like normal.... What happens if they can't get any closer because the pikes are in the way and there isn't any space in which the unit that wants to pile-in can place its models closer to the lumineth models?? 

Are they considered out of reach if their weapons have only 1 inch of range and they can't get closer than 2 inches because of the pikes in the way?? 

Thank you in advance!! :)

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It’s about the bases. So you twist and turn untill it all fits :) 

there are a lot of models with overhang that make these things difficult. I recently build a thundertusk. He’s backing into every fight with his tusks overhanging.  😅

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