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Knights of the Round Bases, a Bretonnian Aos Blog


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So searching around in my garage with all the free times given to me from the lockdown I have found my old Bretonnian Army, this model have between 15 and 20 years :D , and I have decided to bring them into the Age Of Sigmar, here's what I have found:


2 enchantress

1 damsel

1 Duke on pegasus

15 man at arms

16 old bowmen

6 new bowmen

6 graal knight

3 Pegasi Riders 

5 questing knights

Apart from this I should have in my parents house 20-30 knights of the realm, 16- 22 more bowmen, some more armigers and a green Knight, I will check in a few days. 

As any of my army, while in finishing to do an inventare before ordering the bases, I've started with a conversion fir the general :D, a king on hippogriff, here is reaaaaaaally wip but it will give you an idea btw I have not sacrificed an archaon model, I have that bits laying around for ages, don't even remember how I obtained it :D


And here is what I have already "inventarialized" 


C&c welcomed! 

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1 hour ago, Alessio said:

Nice post! I love bretonnians and I'm sad that we don't see them that much those times. Are you going to make this a display project or an army you can actually play with? Looking forward new photos

Absolutely a playable army :D even if I don't play a lot I always build with game in mind

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Added the chain harness to the mount , the upper part will be covered by the mount tabard, so I have not refined it, added the head to the torso, and made a little try holding the wing with the hands to understand where to place it. 


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Some more working on the rear of the Mount, added the strapping to the harness  (there Will be 2 more and there Will be some more refinement, but i want the green stuff to set first) and added two shield with the symbol of the chained sword to the rear 


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