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Selecting skaven units to use


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Ok so in the skaven book and pestalins book it says that a congregation of filth is only 160 points although yet a unit of plague monks with 4p units is 240 points? I know I'm missing something basic if anyone can clear this up it would be greatly appreciated 

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It's like buying a case for your models instead of buying new models. The case gives benefits to the models within it, but it is not the models themselves. Separate costs, different choices. 

For reference, buying a battalion gives you:
An extra artifact to give to any hero (not just the ones in the battalion)
An extra command point at the start of the game.
The ability to drop all units inside the battalion as a single drop when deploying (you can still deploy them separately as well)

You cannot have any unit be a part of two battalions at once. 

Hope that clears it all up. 

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