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Notification function... less than functional

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When you have new notifications, you see a number next to the little notification bell in the corner. When you click the bell, threads with new posts are highlighted in blue. That's great!  However, as soon as you click a thread, the little red number and all the blue highlight disappear. This means that you no longer know which threads have new posts. This can be very annoying, especially when you don't want to read all updated threads in one go. Any chance you could make it so the red number just decreases by one (instead of disappearing completely) when you click on a thread, and the blue highlight persist on the threads you haven't clicked on yet?

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Do you mean it's not supposed to work this way? It's the way it is in every browser I've used on many different computers and devices. It makes it so I avoid clicking the bell icon until I have enough time set aside to read every unread thread at once, because if I click one thread and then come back later, I won't know which other threads I missed that I didn't already read.

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