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Gravesite Size


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Hi Pho_King_D, 

Welcome to AoS! 

3 hours ago, pho_king_D said:

Is there any reason you shouldn't make the grave sites as large as possible? Seems like the bigger the site the more beneficial it is.  Anyways im just starting AoS so lemme know if I missed something.

With regards to gravesites, you measure the gravesite radius from the centre of any token,  model or whatever else you use as the gravesite marker, and not from the edge of the base. This is specifically to avoid people using large models etc as gravesites. So it really doesn't matter what you use, as you always measure from the centre. 

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There is also a FAQ related about it. The gravesites doesnt ocupy any  space on the field they are only scenographic but they don't even count as scenics

You can find the discussion about the variours rules and FAQ for Death here:



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