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Hello fellow generals and hobbists,

after a nearly 3 year absence from the scene i came back with a bang. I had sold all my armies and stuff und thought i was finished with the little plastic soldiers. But when a friend of mine mourned around that there are no cool war boardgames i could resist to take him by the hand and show him a specific hobbist store a.k.a. Warhammer store around the corner. I always kept an eye on new models and espetially at AoS. He is a big fan of World of Warcraft and classic fantasy races like orcs, dwarfes and aelves. So it took not much time until we hand our hands clawed into our first start collecting boxes (FEC for me, Ironjaws for him).

Long story short. This took place in October and now i am sitting here painting my fourth AoS army.🤪

I will post pics of my progress and would love to hear your opinions on my works.

So good wargaming and stay healthy. Maybe we will meet each other one day on the battlegrounds. WAAARGH!

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