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Trollzone! A painting blog.


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Greetings painters! This is a first one!

I recently acquired a box of randomly assorted models to practice painting with. Mostly odd models but I noticed there was an abundance of our ugly friends so I decided to make this! A painting blog dedicated to Ogres, Trolls and Troggoths!

I'm relatively new to painting so I'm doing this to stay motivated and get better at it. I was really inspired to start this project by this:


I currently have around 20+ models (plastic, resin and some odd metals ones) which I'm going to assemble, paint and take pictures of to post here. I would also be very happy to know where some of the models comes from as they are not GW. I plan on buying more to flesh out my collection of servants to the Troggoth King!

I'm also working on expanding the campaign even further by adding rules, converting battleplans, warscrolls and other rules. This is mostly done to use with my kids as they finished the original campaign really, really fast! I did not have any troggoths so I used everything I had that was on a 50mm base. The plan is to post as much as possible, though one model at a time.

I guess I'll start with the one I'm working on as of posting this. There is still a bunch to be done.

All tips and tricks are encouraged!




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