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Let's Chat: Hergar's Brewmasters


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Hi everyone ! Well, there's nothing else to say : here they come !
If you've seen my previous entries here and there, you've already had some previews of my unexpected lockdown project.
Like many people, I love Beastgrave a lot. However, because (for obvious reasons) new warbands were a bit late, and because there had been no dwarven warbands this season, I thought that I had to do something...
So yes, please meet a new custom dwarf warband :
1/ Who are they ?
Hergar is the founder of the Grey-Mountains Brewery.
With his other dwarf fellows Thorek (his older assistant), Hemlock (a very skillfull smuggler) and Drung (the brewery's drunkard), Hergar swore to deliver his first class brew all over the Ghur Mountains.
Their daily life : trying to conceive new recipes while defending their fortified brewery from the surrounding monsters...
2/ What do they look like ?
Like all the other dwarf warbands, Brewmasters are'nt fast, but become very solid when they're inspired.
Their inspiration condition is very thematic : in this warband, you inspire your fighters by giving them 1 Glory after one of your activations.
You read well. You don't spend glory - you lose it so your fighters can buy drinks and inspire. (Edit : the warband inspiration condition has been slightly reworded for clarity purpose - see the link below !)
With such mechanics, Brewmasters' games will be like handicap races where you move a step back to take a better jump forward. But because your inspired fighters and your faction cards are good enough to overcome it, your gambles have good chance to be greatly rewarded. So fear not, because we added many rebalancing tools to make them fully playable.
Sor far, in our test games, this idea worked quite well : the warband is fun and can be surprisingly dynamic. What I like the most with them right now is that very often, you'll have to ask yourself tons of questions, and will have the opportunity to chose between many interesting paths...
3/ So what happens now ?
That's the most simple part !
If you like :
  • Dwarves...
  • 4 member parties...
  • Versatility...
  • Aggro-Flex playstyle...
  • Fun things like Risk & Reward, Glory & Drinks, Buff & Debuff mechanics...
  • Unexpected risky Inspiration conditions...
... take the plunge, play them and tell me how it works !
Here's the link to the printable whole set of cards : https://we.tl/t-vWFOLISE50
It includes :
  • 4 uninspired fighter cards
  • 4 inspired fighter cards
  • 12 objectives
  • 10 gambits
  • 10 upgrades
(Edit April 14 : now it's the v1.2)
In the coming weeks, as such a project is necessarily a perpetual work in progress, I may change things here and there and polish the warband a bit more. So feel free to send me any feedback you want... and to check the link from time to time !
By Grimnir, have a nice week in Beastgrave !
And of course : a huge thank you to all the people that helped me and continue to help with the warband conception here and on Discord !






HMB_Présentation 3.jpg



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3 hours ago, zilberfrid said:

So, I think Blood Bowl is a major source for minis for these if you want to stay GW.

I was considering using the old metal minis I had, but the bare fist is a bit of a challenge. If I had a mini with a broken weapon, that would be the easy pick.

That's a great idea ! Maybe Grim Ironjaw with a kind of hood ? Greenstuff maybe...

(And indeed, keeping with GW mini was  a concern, but I did'nt manage to find the minis I wanted in the classic range - that's why I had the idea of making my next project, the Citadel Dwarven Ancestor Club, with 80s minis only...)


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42 minutes ago, zilberfrid said:

my dwarves are '90's, but they do include Bugman. The Runelord does have a sort of paddle though...

So maybe something like that then ? All '90's.

One exception - the Smuggler is from the 1988 Adventurer range...


Test 1.jpg

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