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Nurgle army blightkings

Louis wehrlen

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Hello everyone,

I am new to age of sigmar and I really like nurgle, in particular the blightkings and I would want to create an army. I read somewhere that to begin with the start collecting is a good idea, I also read that adding heros like the Harbinger of decay, gutrot spume, the lord of of blights and the Rotbringers sorcerer is a good thing for the army but I also read that the blightkings tend to be slow so do you have any advice of units in the nurgle army or in the other armies (if possible not skaven) 

thank you in advance 

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Hi there! 
what kind of playstyle and player are you? 
Do you want to storm the rankings or just playing with friends at home? 

nurgle can be surprisingly fast though! As I’ve been caught out by 🙈

I personally don’t have much experience with nurgle but have you found the nurgle thread yet? 

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Hello, you could take the Feculent Gnawmal, this will Speed up your troops. First of all you should get the Battletome Maggitkin of Nurgle, there you can See what you can make with your Nurgle stuft. If you wan't Speed you can also take Knights and chariots from the slaves to darkness vor take the fly guys like drones and/or pusgoyle blightlords. A Nurgle army gives you plenty ways to go.

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Hello thank you both for answering, 

I am a new player and this will be my first army so I can’t really tell you, I would like to play for fun but to build a good army nevertheless. I would like a though melee combat unit.

I don’t think I found the thread you mentioned 

I intend to have a feculent gnawmall if I choose this army and I intend to buy the battletome with the one of khorne to choose

I will think about the different units you mentioned 

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