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Slavermaw Skavengers - Reinventing Wolf Grots for AoS


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For the past couple of weeks of isolation I've been reinventing Grot wolf riders as a faction for Age of Sigmar under the name of Slavermaw Skavengers, the aim is to design an entirely mounted, fast moving but fragile grot faction. So here's the starting heroes I've worked on.






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32 minutes ago, Mooseterious said:

Looks great! Will you be playing them as an already existing faction?

I keep cycling through existing factions but the primary issue is finding reasonable mounted heroes to count as, Slaves has mounted Melee heroes but nothing really to suit the Brewer on wolf (he shouldnt be a beat stick hero). Tempest eye Cities can fill out the troops well but again struggles in terms of mounted heroes (they arent durable enough to be stormcast). Currently looking at Legions of Nagash but I'm not sold on it as it feels like I'd be making alot of comprimises, so I've got their own custom allegiance for now whilst I play around with it.


Also, adding in Grotrek. Counts as Gotrek if I do run them as Tempest eye, otherwise he's going on a chariot of his own but will have an onfoot version where he might leap off the chariot midgame. 





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