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On 21/8/2016 at 9:24 PM, Ben said:

Does anyone have any solid info on Age of Sigmar at Giant Fanatic? 

I could be tempted to make the trip but details have be sketchy at best.


In the initial proposal for the Giant Fanatic event, they said they wanted it to be the biggest and first AoS tournament using the Generals Handbook. Some T9A people raised a stink about it. Technically AoS is still on the menu for GF, but since the initial proposal it's been radio silence.
There was a TO announcement saying that the rule set for all games would be posted on the 15th of August, but no news on AoS yet.

They have announced that GF will be held, as they have reached their threshold of tickets sold, presumably for T9A and 40k.

So the details for the AoS part of GF is still uncertain, but the event will be held at least.

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