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Vinny's Project and Tutorial Log


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After the warm reception I got for my Deepkin Army I posted a few days ago, I figured I'd make a project log where I can post all the stuff I paint along with the tutorials and stuff that I make for fun. 

Currently I'm working on 2 big projects. The first is Kairos Fateweaver. He's a real beast and so far I've finished up his staff and started work on his tabard. You can find the tutorial for his staff here (it's a number of images with the exact paints I used as well as a description of the techniques) and I'll be posting more of these as I go!


The second project is an enormous diorama I've wanted to do for years and finally have the chance to crank out. I won't spoil anything but...  So for this particular project I needed to paint a lot of zombies and I'd like to paint them super quickly so I used the Grimdark style popularized by Zatcaskagoon to churn out 40 shambly bois in about 6 hours (2 for the zombos and 4 for the bases). The tutorial for those models can be found here!


And I truly don't mean to shill my other social media accounts for painting so I'm just gonna mention them here once (unless that's against the rules) and only link to them for the tutorials since that's where I initially post the photo albums. My facebook account where you can see a TON more pictures, tutorials, WIP shots, etc, etc is "Miniatures by Carl", and my IG is @carlpaintswarhammer. 


I'll be updating this log pretty frequently in the next few days and welcome advice, comments, and thoughts about what to do next! 

qonOIdx - Imgur.jpg

Q7bjqC8 - Imgur.jpg

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Next tutorial sections are up! 

Here I paint the body and attach the tabard and staff I finished in the previous post!


This painting tutorial is designed for those looking at a beginner/intermediate difficulty techniques to paint Kairos to a tabletop plus/low advanced level. I minimize things like glazes/nmm/OSL, and try to use the airbrush as sparingly as possible.


Still got a ways to go but it's shaping up pretty well so far!


37 - z0NvHyT.jpg

38 - oZGgz0F.jpg

39 - MW7fuOj.jpg

40 - UNtQbit.jpg

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Alrighty! Final updates for Kairos! Here are the tutorials for the heads and the wings!


But most importantly, here are the pictures of the completed model! 


This model actually completely clears my backlog and I promised my fiancee not new armies before I start residency in June which means only one thing.




back crop.jpg

classic pose.jpg


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Here's a video overview of about half of my projects over the past 7 months or so! This is the age of sigmar case (+tyranids) but soon there'll be a second case with my mechanicus, Orks, and Death Korps!


And don't you all worry! I haven't had any new pictures to post for a little while because 3-D printing takes quite some time to produce the size and number of pieces I plan on using! Hopefully by the end of the first week of May I'll have quite a few exciting pictures for you all! 

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Update with an almost completed building!!! Just waiting on the roof to finish printing. It's been a surprising bottleneck with how slowly these things print. This house took over a week and it still isn't done :O 


Also working on some more 3D printed projects and will update once I finish a full unit! 


In the meantime, here's a picture of my Death Korps of Krieg winning armies on parade last October! 


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