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H: Beastclaw Raiders, Beasts of Chaos W: Army Swaps (see below)

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Have the following lots for trade. 


Beastclaw Raiders:

3 Frostlord on Stonehorn - 1 well painted

6 Mournfang Cavalry with Hackers

6 Sabre Tusks

Icebrow Hunter


Beasts of Chaos


AoW Beastlord

3 plastic Bray Shaman

Resin Malagor the Dark Omen

Resin Doombull

3rd party minotaur used as a doombull - it's a zombicide miniature? Not sure, but it's cool.

Underworld's Ravagers Warband

Endless spells

10 Ungor with blades

30 Gor with Shields

60 Bestigor 

40 Ungor Raiders

18 Bullgors

2 Cygor

1 Ghorgon/Cygor on sprue



Converted Cockatrice


Datacards & Battletome


Interested in even swaps:

Daughters of Khaine

Hedonites of Slaanesh


Cities of Sigmar


Let me know!

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Are the BCR still available? I've got some Ironjawz I could trade.

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Hey, interested in the beasts army. Any thoughts on a Tzeentch army?  

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