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Hi all!!


firstly thanks for such a welcoming community I’ve been looking round and it’s already so helpful. I’ve just picked up the soul wars kit to paint up while in lockdown so I can play it with my SO. I’ve been trying a few techniques from games workshop and other places and I have a few questions:

- Can I just dry brush layer paints?  My hand isn’t great at making the edges look good with lines and I’ve found dry brushing has worked great so far.

- Is the Army Painter Mega Brush set good? I’ve painted before and I’ve found citadel brushes to fray after a couple units. 


thanks for any help I look forward to joining this great community. 

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Welcome - I am new here too and a lurker, although am not new to the hobby.  You can dry brush but try to do it lightly as the results may look a bit chalky. Also - glazes afterwards can really smooth it out. It’s a great technique for beginners and still has uses as you progress. 

As for brushes I use any 2 dollar ones from the store . To me I don’t take the best care of them and it’s easier to use a few for a couple months and throw them out rather than spending higher for Windsor or something. 

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