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Weapon upgrades sometimes make the unit worse? - Stormcast prosecutors example.



Hello everyone,

I am quite new to AoS, so please stay with me even if this a dum question!

I hope this is the right section of the forum, I take the specific example of Stormcast Eternals Prosecutors,  but I think I might be misunderstanding something about the rules, hence my choice.

Looking at Stormcast Eternal Prosecutors, it seems that if you replace the celestial hammers for one of the weapon upgrades, you will loose the MISSILE weapon that comes with the hammers.

Also, from what I understand, you can shoot in your shooting phase while in combat with AoS.

So  if  your prosecutors are in combat and you had the hammers, you could do in total 4 attacks(6 for the leader)  at 3+ to hit,  3+ to wound and re-roll 1's to hit .

If on the other hand you take say the grandhammer,  you loose your ability to shoot from afar, and in combat you just get 2 attacks at 4+ to hit, 3+ to wound rend -1 and 2 damage, which overall doesn't seem that much of an upgrade!

I am missing something obvious here, maybe I got something wrong about the rules?  Could anyone please shed some light?




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Well it’s of course a choice so it will have drawbacks on occasion. 

but to your example. 
you can only shoot in your shooting phase. So you do not get shooting attacks in the combat phase. You can only shoot in your own shooting phase. 

regarding the prosecutors if you get in combat all special weapon options seem better to me. Grand axe will almost always get more attacks and rend. 
grand blade and grand hammer will net you more damage as well as soon as something has a bit of a save. 

and lastly their intense role in the army. If you want them to shoot and fly away, you’re indeed better of without. 

hope this helps. 

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