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Garrison terrain and deployment zone vs territory


So my question is: How does deploying a unit inside a faction terrain that you can garrison, upon the start of the battle, actually work?

It seems really hard to find any clarification on this, but it is also extremely rare - KO got almost similar rules, but they garrison a model/unit, not faction terrain, so obviously said model must be within the deployment zone as per usual. I have personally never played with a garrison situation before.

According to the core rules for garrison:


The rules above specifically say that you can set up a unit inside a terrain feature at the start of the battle, if it is wholly within the territory. No where does it state that the terrain feature must be wholly within the player's deployment zone.

On many battleplans, half the table is one player's territory - See below.


If the green is player A's deployment zone and red is player B's deployment zone, you have the middle which is each player's territory. What is preventing me from putting my (player A) faction terrain where the blue oval is located, and per the core rules above - Deploying a unit straight inside, which would be outside the deployment zone? If the typical deployment rules for this overrules the core rules above, the rules for garrison seems kinda redundant. 


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I'd see the garrison rules as in addition to, not a replacement for, any normal restrictions on where you can place your units.

AoS doesn't have a "deployment zone", there's simply no such thing for them to reference. All you have is a territory, and additional restrictions per the battleplan, e.g. "Units must be set up wholly within their own territory, more than 12" from enemy territory."

So I would assume that the allowance to "set up as a garrison at the start of a battle if the terrain is wholly within the unit's territory" doesn't preclude you from also have to adhere to any other restrictions, such as having to be more than 12" from enemy territory. You're still only allowed to deploy where you're instructed to, but if there's a garrison within that area you can put units into it. The rule is basically just saying that you don't have to deploy on the board and then move into the garrison.

(This is simply opinion, there are no rules or designer's commentary that gives a more explicit ruling on this as far as I can tell.)

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QuoteThe range and visibility to or from the garrisoning unit is determined to or from the terrain feature instead.

It seems to me that the ability to set up a unit as a garrison at the start of the battle comes with an extra restriction: The terrain feature must be wholly within your territory, in addition to any other restrictions.



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