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I've tried AoS/greetings


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Recently I've tried AoS, liked the game. My WHFB community collapsed when AoS was released, so I never got the chance to play the old system. I've tried Warmachine and Infinity, but competitive focus made them rather difficult to enjoy the game. Currently enjoying AoS with local gaming store's Khorne army, planning to invest into my own Sylvaneth with heavy wizard flavour.


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Thanks for the welcome! I plan to pick General's compendium on Friday. I've been playing with only one other guy, we might get more people interested, maybe not, it's not the first time the scene needed seeds to be planted.

Narrative play sounds wonderful. I'm not against competitive play, but in my view it soon becomes too hard to balance between what I want to and what I should play.  Also picked Mistweaver and Ogrid from Silver Tower, not sure how I'll use them but they're one of nicest fantasy models I've seen in a while.

Also looking forward to the new WD and the miniature that comes with it.

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