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Any Hallost campaigns or stories you've made from this month's WD?

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 (My own map of part of the continent and Nadir above :) )

With the White Dwarf's new campaign for the heroic underworld of Hallost being out for a bit now I was wondering if there was any player narrative noble/dark stories out there of the continent and it's fate over the Nadir. :).

 Just talking about ideas and city maps works too!

Here's the article for those out of the loop followed by a close up of the mini Map i made for mine up there (a Revenant is holding the map thus the plant hands)



Happy to hear any stories or ideas for future campaigns there. :D

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No but I love to build campaigns. So sell me on it and I might just run out to get the white dwarf this month :D 

Edit: never mind I caved and went to get it. I’ll see if it sparks some inspiration. 

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Fingers crossed that it does. :D

An interesting thing about Hallost is this isn't our first time seeing it. It's part of the Innerland Marches that you can click to read on the Malign Portents realm map before the Shyish Nadir was made.


With it right next to the Endless Boneyard of colossal & elephantine skeletons with lost treasures of fallen empires and a peninsula called Assassin's Rest where the souls of killers go that can still be haggled with for their ghostly blades there's a lot to work with for stories and narratives(plus there's a cute little  island next to it called Skely which i'd adventure on just to keep saying that name xD ).

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