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1000 PT. Nighthaunt!!


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So this happened, i decided to go 1000 pts. Nighthaunt, as for fun and fluff.


1 Banshee

3 Cairn wraiths


3 x 3 Spirit hosts


10 Hexwraiths

This clocks in at 940 Points.

The main idea is to let my Crain wraiths gobble up bigger units, since they reroll failed to hit on 5+ units, then i want to let

the spirit hosts take some heat and focus on heroes, since they can dish out mortal wounds like nothing. Then lastly i am going to 

fly over units with the hex wraiths, and let them dish out some more mortal wounds, until they are needed in combat somewhere, 1 thing i am not sure

about is wether to use the Hexwraiths as 2 x 5 units, instead of 1 big unit, as piling in combat with horses takes a lot of space.

Any strategic tips?

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Those flyovers cannot be easy to achieve either, as you must start and end 3" away, plus models are like 2 inches long. Most likely you can pull it off only on units already in combat, or be prepared to charge afterwards.

Even then its a 1/6 chance.

For nearly every reason take them as 5x2. They gain no bonus for being a large unit, no healing banner (so wipeouts dont matter) and now you get 2 leaders, more tactical flexibility, only thing you lose is weight of attacks on initiative order

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If I was going pure Nighthaunt at 1000 points I'd take:

2x Cairn Wraiths

2x 6 Spirit Hosts

1 Mourngul 

Should be 1000 points exactly. 

But yeah with your list definitely go 2x 5 hexwraiths. Bigger numbers of spirits will probably net you more mortal wounds than the hexwraiths pass over. 

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