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Daughters of Khaine warband!


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I‘d really like them to have some default „combo“ options, especially those dual dagger wielding ladies. 

eg 3 fury, 1 damage combo

reaction: 2 fury 1 damage combo

while getting more dice and/or cleave inspired. 

Would scale pretty hard with things like great strength, ferocious fighter and gloryseeker too! 

Edit: also, you could equip those combo reactions without needing an opener equipped!

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I really love how the armored witch aelf could be proxied as a hag, so this warband could give you 2 heroes! the new SC box looks like a good deal too, though I'm miffed neither of these were out when my partner decided to pick out something for herself to try!

This warband might be the first thing I preorder from GW honestly, it really hits the spot for UW and AOS.

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