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Reforged and Ready to Rumble!

Brother Mayhem

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Hey all,

I'm Brother Mayhem. Played WFB from 5th edition to 8th. WH40K was the game I played the most during this time, and I've started to get a little bored from painting tonnes of Khorne Daemonkin. So, I have looked at building up my Chaos and Undead collections into AoS armies (rebasing and repainting galore...!).

I would like to start a Ironjawz Force and a Stormcast Eternal Chamber in the future, but it would not be wise to say I still have an entire undead army waiting to be done! So that will be my first project..... Flesh Eater Courts! As I will be starting a new role soon and a new career, I may potentially have more money to play with, meaning tournaments. So, I want to start looking at being competitive, and going round the country doing them. 

I need to buy a metric ton of round bases to rebase the force, and to also buy some other bits too (I have Varghiest, but not Crypt Horrors...). I'll be asking a few questions over in the Death forum, but I am looking forwards to speaking to you all/ even playing against some of you potentially! 




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