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Victory card question - isolation


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We played our first campaign game yesterday and drew the Isolation victory card. 

It has one player be the attacker and one the defender. But the defender just gets to use one of their groups (dagger,shield or hammer). And the rest are removed from play and from reinforcements, but do not count as taken out of action/slain. 

Now that's all clear and fine but when it came to gaining glory points we couldn't figure out if the attacker (who had slain 2 of my 3 models in the group that remained in play) would get glory points for taking out 2/3 of my warband or if he simply couldn't because the ones that were removed but not counted as taken out of action still would count towards my warband or not?  I had 8 models total but only 3 in the group.

Anyone got any clarification on how this would work?

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2 hours ago, Baron Wastelands said:

Coincidentally, also drew this scenario on Monday night! Couldn’t find a clarification in the rules, so we played it as the former, I.e. in your example, 2/3 killed would gain the glory for killing two thirds of the warband.

We actually did it that way too but it was pretty much a coin toss 😅

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It says they are removed from Battle, so they don't count as part of your warband for that battle.

Battle is its own keyword and this is very easily looked over, and in a battle you have miniatures under your control to count as a warband,  b.c you do not control them during a battle they are not counted as part of your warband.

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