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Starting a Second Army - Advice/Suggestions Needed!

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Hi all,

I currently have a lovely Hedonites of Slaanesh army, which I am very fond of. However, I have been feeling a little jaded with how simplistic their playstyle is and their lack of "tricks" (teleports, abilities, combos).

With this said - I am on the hunt for a second army to start collecting! I have a couple of caveats that I would like to consider when shopping about:

- Interesting to play.
- Decent range of sculpts.
- Has the ability to do well in a tournament setting, but also in casual games.
- Not Fyreslayers, Orruks or Slaves to Darkness.

I'd love to get your input! Suggestions and discussion are more than welcome!

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18 minutes ago, Kramer said:

Ko? Or tzeentch?

the most tricksy armies imo.

and great sculpts

and new books

I think I would prefer to stay away from Tzeentch, as I have already got a Daemon heavy Slaanesh force.

I'll have to look more into K.O though!

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I could recommend deepkin. There is always fun to had with deciding when or what you should charge, with a few teleportation abilities like outflank and spells. Downsides are that it is heavily reliant on the Eels, and sometimes can be pillow-fisted off the charge.

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Cities of Sigmar might be an interesting option to look into. It has easily the widest range of sculpts available to any army (it has humans, aelves, duardin, monsters, cannons, carriages, steam tanks and so on, plus you can include Stormcast, Kharadron or Sylvaneth units you like the look of without using allies), can be tailored to a wide range of playstyles, has plenty of tricks, and is decently competitive without being overbearing.

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