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Warcry - Fyrslayers Discussion

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So these guys are gonna make it or break it: 

1x Hearthguard Berserker (w/axe) Leader
3x Vulkite Berserker (Dual Wield)
2x Auric Hearthguard
1x Hearthguard Berserker (w/axe) 
1x Vulkite Berserker (shield/axe)
1x Hearthguard Berserker (w/chain) 

1000pts even.

What you think? Not used to starting a warband with this many models. Really look forward to it this weekend. Any experience so far with them? 

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Do you have any picture of abilities and cards? 

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I’m not really familiar with the Fireslayer models.  What are the recommended purchases to start a decent warband?  I only have the four from Shadespire.

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Buy both infantry kits and you have everything for your warband.

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On 3/7/2020 at 9:55 AM, Kramig said:

Do you have any picture of abilities and cards? 



I've found mine here: https://imgur.com/gallery/KZpHzjL

Yes, two boxes of dorfs and you are free to play :)

Only 5 hearthguards might be a tight choice given that you might want 1 leader, 2 shooters 1 chain/axe guy and a couple others after you dominate some territories. Or just go with smaller guys. Seems like having just two boxes will be a perfect amount. 

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Posted (edited)

My list is similar, but I will use my old dwarf models, Mordheim style. 

1x Hearthguard Berserker (w/axe) Leader = Hammerer leader
3x Vulkite Berserker (Dual Wield) = Slayers with 2 axes 
3 x Auric Hearthguard = Thunderers
2 x Vulkite Berserker (shield/axe) = longbeards with shields.


I will post a picture soon 

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There doesn't seem much here so I'll post my analysis of the warband.



The stand out abilities are the Relentless Zeal which is a better version of Rush, giving +3 movement for any unit. Considering everyone is movement 3, this is going to be our go to double. 

Hearthguard Berzerkers (including leader Variants) get a nice triple. Bonus move and attack, if more than 5 wounds have been allocated to them. Normal Berzerkers only have 12, so its possible they don't get a chance to activate this before they die. The leaders on 22 wounds though have a good chance of getting this off.  

However the leader triple is in competition with this giving +1 attack to everyone with 6 inch which can be nice when affecting multiple units already in combat.

The Quad adds the die no. to the no. of attacks of a unit. It's better than Rampage only if the roll is higher than the units no. attacks if the unit has to move to get into combat(i.e if attacks is 3, needs 4s or better). If already in combat (so double attacks), then it only needs to be higher than half the no. of attacks the unit has. (i.e if unit has 3 attacks, need 2s or better).

The Auric Heathguard ability seems super situational and not even that good at what it's meant to do. Reduces movement of an enemy unit by half the double. So 1 on 1/2, 2 on a 3/4 and 3 on 5/6. Could be useful against already slow movement elite armies. But I get the feeling most of the doubles will spent getting +3 movement for your own units.

Unit Types


We get access to three main units with variations for two of them.

1. Vulkite Berzerkers.

They come in 3 forms, Dual Axes, Axe with Shield and Pick with Shield. At first glance I didn't see much point in picking the Shield types, they gain an extra toughness, but lose about 50% average damage. Even with the improved crit on the Picks, going from 4 to 2 attacks to get +1 toughness seems like a bad deal, especially for your "chaff" unit. The dual axe  with the 4 attacks can actually put out some respectable damage. But on a 2nd look the shield types might have some merit. Since everyone is on a 3 movement, you are going to be double moving alot to get your guys around the board, Having a shield type or 2 might prove useful just to pin someone down. While they may be able to just outright kill the dual axes variety easily, the toughness 5 shield types will last just a little bit longer so your other guys can catch up for force a disengage.

2. Auric Hearthguard

These are the guys which get access to the movement slowing double. The shooting attack nothing to write home about. Even when double shooting they will struggle to kill anything. Their melee attack is about as good as the 2 attack Vulkites, so nothing much at all. Unless you want access to the ability, I'd skip these guys.

3. Hearthguard Berzerkers

Poleaxes and Broadaxes. Poleaxes get better Crit damage and Broadaxes get better strength. This translates to Broadaxes are better against toughness 3 and 4 enemies and Poleaxes are better against toughness 5 enemies. Since Toughness 3 & 4 are more abundant than 5+ toughness, Broadaxes are the better choice unless you come against an opponent fielding multiple toughness 5 units ( Stormcast).



4 Leader Types

I think we can write off the Auric Hearthguard Leader, His ranged attack is not improved over the regular Auric and his melee gets +1 strength which makes it as good as Vulkites pick. If you want the Auric double ability you are better off picking a regular Auric since its 55 pts cheaper.

I think we can write off the Vulkite Leader as well. He is only 15 points cheaper than the Hearthguard Leaders and has a worse damage profile than both and doesn't get the hearthguard ability.

Unlike with the Hearthguard regulars, the Poleaxe leader performs better than the Broadaxe Leader against toughness 3 enemies. Equal against toughness 4 and is better against toughness 5+. This is because he gains +1 base damage rather than crit damage while having 1 less strength than the broadaxe type.



We are left with one obvious Leader type. The Hearthguard Poleaxe Leader, He hits the hardest and is the most points efficient while also having the Hearthguard ability on top of his Leader ability.  If the points are super tight you could take the Vulkite Berzerker Leader and not feel too bad about it though.

Hearthguard Berzerkers seem the way to go to fill out your list, favoring the Broadaxe type with maybe a couple of the Poleaxe variants  to help out against any toughness 5 you come across.

If you think the Auric ability is going be useful I wouldn't include more than 1. The damage from the shooting isn't worth investing in multiples of.

And with whatever points are left over, if any can go into Vulkites with dual axes and or shields.

Due to how the points are costed, you can never get fewer than 7 units or more than 10 units for 1000 points. 

Some Example Lists:

8 Units

- 1 x Hearthguard Poleaxe leader

- 4 x Hearthguard Broadaxes

- 2 x Hearthguard Poleaxes

- 1 x Auric Hearthguard

9 Units

- 1 x Hearthguard Poleaxe leader

- 2 x Hearthguard Broadaxes

- 2 x Hearthguard Poleaxes

- 1 x Auric Hearthguard

- 3 x Vulkites dual axes or axe & shield

9 Units

- 1 x Vulkite Leader

- 2 x Hearthguard Broadaxes

- 3 x Hearthguard Poleaxes

- 3 x Vulkites pick & shield

10 Units

- 1 x Hearthguard Poleaxe leader

- 2 x Hearthguard Poleaxes

- 7 x Vulkites dual axes or axe & shield



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