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Noob in Cincinnati Ohio!

Shaven Skaven

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My history with this thing... My Wife and I jumped into Warhammer Fantasy just MONTHS before AOS was announced. This was a good thing for us since Fantasy was intimidating as hell at the time... (I was COMPLETELY new & had 0 experienced friends to lead the way).

It was certainly interesting being on the outside looking in at what was seemingly the most rage inducing occurrence in gaming history for a lot of people. I did understand where most of the frustration and rabid hate towards AOS was coming from though and even I was scratching my head at how they thought it was reasonable to not give gamers a balancing mechanism like points to at least create the illusion of fairness between two strangers. I am soooooooo glad they brought points to AOS.

That being said, I am still VERY much learning the game. I haven't found anyone in my area to regularly play with so I'm still recklessly self teaching... Cant wait for the reality check of playing against someone who knows what they are doing. HA.

The Cincinnati/Dayton Ohio area is either dead or well in hiding. I can find the odd Fantasy game running here or there but the only people rocking the AOS is over an hour from me. :( Hopefully it picks up or I'll just be a painter forever.



I've been a studio musician and general A/V hobbyist for 20+ years and casual-ish "PC Gamer" mostly into MMO's (Currently playing GuildWars2). In the last few years I've branched out into the Miniatures hobby and have been cracking out on it ever since.

My goal right now would be to find an active group around town that is interested in getting into the content creation side of things. From podcasts to full blown video shows and battle reports. I'd be down to help where I can.

That's pretty much it!

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