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Slow Grow Painting


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I find it helps to have a bit more structure than unit-unit-unit ...

something like:

Month 1: Battleline unit

Month 2; Leader figure

Month 3: Monster/war machine/Elites


Obviously you have to keep the categories broad enough to accommodate all armies, or let people substitute. Alternatively, having points targets can help, with planned games. Have a skirmish game of 200-250 points in 8 weeks time, then a 500 point game after that, etc.

Finally, you could give people 2 months to paint a Start Collecting, while their enthusiasm is freshest; that way they are more likely to round out the force by Christmas. That’s how they do them in the GW stores.

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If it’s a lot new painters don’t bring in the behemoth to early would be my advice. And maybe just go to 1K. so 250pts per month. Give ever month a theme to help people decide what to do next. 
the next round players can build out their previous project or jump in with a new one. 
(game wise you could introduce players through skirmish at 250 pts, and small games after that )

if it’s all experienced painters than 500 pts a month is a bit of a stretch but doable. L

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