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Dealing with terrorgheists in lower point games


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Hi everyone, it’s My first post here and i want to talk about a recurring nightmare in my lgs.

So last Sunday i took part in a 1000 point tournament, mostly for newer players with the following list

Cult : The Hosts Arcanum

Gaunt Summoner on Disc of Tzeentch

-general (trait and artefact locked as for the cult)

- arcane suggestion

20 kairic acolytes with scroll, swords and shields 

6 screamers 

6 tzaangor enlightened

needless to say, playing at 1k points was a bit rough, as i ran only 4 units as supposed to 6/8 i run at 1500 and 2000 points. I often tear through a terrorgheist with 9 enlightened and fatemaster plus reckless abandon, but in 1000 points that thing just ate my whole army dealing 18 mw in 2 pile in movements on top of the other attacks it normally does. Even with the summoned units that Gaunt summoner and the artefact provided it was just impossible to deal with such a monster, so my question is: how do you deal with overkill monsters in lower and mid point games?

Thank you in advance!

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