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Spray paints close to GW Rhinox Hide and Death Claw colours?


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Hey everyone,

I'm not very versed in the world of mini painting and I'm wanting to follow a suggestion and base my minis with a black, Rhinox Hide, 50/50 Rhinox Hide & Death Claw (probably optional), Straight Death Claw Zenithal Style.

However, I don't have an airbrush so would like to ask if there are any spray paints that are close to the GW Rhinox Hide and Death Claw paint colours? Bonus points if there is somehow a spray that is in between these two colours (to use as the 50/50 part of the process).

If there is nothing similar enough, would just a dark brown and then a light brown work you think? What about a just straight, black, grey and white zenithal style priming? I'm going for a very weathered stone & sand type of look. Black undercoat, then the zenithal process mentioned above, then sponge sandish colours, wash, then drybrush ushabti. 

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

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Unfortunately, GW stopped making Rhinox Hide and Mournfang Brown.  I didn’t see an equivalent to Rhinox Hide from Vallejo or Army Painter, but they both have an equivalent to Mournfang with Beasty Brown (VGC) and Fur Brown (AP).  I didn’t see anything for Deathclaw, which I love for fur highlights.  You could take a couple of pots with you to the hardware store and search the different sprays to see if something is close.  Personally, if this is a bigger project (i.e. an army) , I would recommend investing in an airbrush.  You can find some inexpensive starter kits and if you find that you like, you can gravitate to something more expensive.  I mostly use mine for priming and simple base oats like what you are suggesting.

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