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Starting Warband for Campaign


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Hi all 

Its been a while since I've played this game (last time being with the fyreslayers way back). But my local store decided it wants to run a campaign that kicks off properly in a couple of weeks time, but is getting practice games in next week. While the deck building side is mainly going to be whatever cards i have at hand (minus the list of bans and restrictions), i'm not sure which warband to go with. The new settings of beastgrave have some keywords that i'm not quite sure of as well as some more mechanics. I have the rulebook, boards, tokens, and cards on route that will hopefully arrive before the games kick off. 

But as for the warband, i have a two choices right now. And i'm not sure what to go for. I would prefer to play the easier of the two, just so i can wrap my head around the game. Though knowing my luck I've probably picked two hard to play warbands. 

Anyways, the two warbands i have are Rippa's Snarlfangs, and Hrothgorn's Mantrappers. Any suggestions on which to play for a beginner ? Or have i critted myself in the foot? ^^;;

Or if failing that, could someone suggest some of the easier beastgrave warbands to pick up and play. 

Thanks ^^

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Of the two, Rippas would be my recommendation for ease of use while getting back into the game. You can build a near competitive level Rippas with just the cards from that single box. The deck I built when I won my glass with Rippas had 7/12 objectives, 6/10 gambits and 5/10 upgrades from that single box. Insane value. 

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