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Skaven first army


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Hi Guys and Lads,

I'm totally new to Skaven - I've found an island of blood for something like 30euros, and therefore I'm going to start a really small Skaven force.

I did the math, and it cames up that I can reach 860 points only using the IoB stuff. Now, I want to reach a 1000 points, just to have a base to play with, and I've seen that there are few possibilities.

- Doomwheel -> 140 pts

- Stormwervin -> 140 pts

- Warplock Jezzails -> 140 pts

Now I know I can combine units which costs less, but the less money I have to invest on this, the happier I am :)

Therefore, my first choice was on Doomwheel, only looking at the price. I'm here, anyway, to ask your advice.

Is the doomwheel worth?

Should I invest, instead, a bit more money and buy 2 packs of something which costs 80+60 pts? And if yes, what should I buy?


Thank you :)

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Hi DR!

To me, you have a melee based force at the moment so Stormvermin make sense for synergy and they are a great unit. 

Jezzails are also really strong, and offer shooting support

While I've only played it a few times in AoS, I've found the Doomwheel a bit disappointing. However if just making a second army for fun and you like the look of the Doomwheel (who doesn't?) I saw go for it!

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Hi Dez! 

I missed to say that I will also integrate in the army one of the Skaven from Silver Tower, just because I have it and is a model less to buy! :P

You're correct indeed when you say this will be a side army, actually a 3rd army :) I already have a Bloodbound force and a Seraphon one.

And that's why I really want to keep the Skaven one a budget army!

Well as you say, Doomwheel looks great! I really like the model - I gave a quick read to the WS and it was.. average, i would say?! Never had the change to play against it, so your feedback is really interesting!

As for Jezzails I'm no convinced from the model, but the pro is that they're only 3 and not so hard to paint, which is instead a cons of the stormvermin :)

Uff it's so hard :P I want to have everything but my wallet say NO!



I might end buying the Doomwheel anyway on top on whatever else I choose to play at the end :ph34r:

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Go for the Doomwheel! It's still one of my favorite models.

If you had some regular clan rats (the ones with arm sockets) I'd say just bits order some Adeptus Mechanicus Ranger guns and convert your own Jezzails. 3 for $52 is expensive! You could probably convert 10 for the same cost :)

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Yeah I considered it indeed, but as you both said, it's too many point :S

I could go with 20+10 clanrats instead of 20+20, and run a WLC for a 980 points list. But I feel that 10 clan rats are kinda useless :)

That's what's in the Island of Blood, by the way, in case someone was curious.

Packmaster (60)
Skaven Warlord (100)
Warlock Engineer (100)
Deathrunner (120) - From Silver Tower 

Clanrats x 20 (120)
Clanrats x 20 (120)
Rat Ogors x 2 (120)
Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team x 1 (60)
Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team x 1 (60)


War Machines


Total: 860/1000

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