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TGA Painting Challenge Entries


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The thread is for entries to the painting contest only.  All other posted will be deleted or moved. 

Please head over to TGA.Community/Contest for the painting challenge general discussion and rules.

Each entry must consist of one image (a montage is fine) and a link to the post on your social media account.  TGA resizes to a maximum size of 800x800, so bear this in mind when posting!

Your Social Media post must include a link to the contest - tga.community/contest and we're using the hash tag of #TGAPaint

Example entry below

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Hi all,

first of all, thank you very much for the contest and this great opportunity for painting motivation! I hope this entry fits the Theme of Blood and Glory, if not please contact me and I will retract the submission. Unfornunately I wasn´t able to Basecoat my Chaos Models for this due to Corona. I hope you enjoy my model as much as I enjoyed the other submissions around!



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Blood and Glory made me think of the god of murder... so I did this conversion I've been thinking of for some time, based on the Dark elf cover art from 8th ed. Great fun and I think it turned out nice. For the paint job I wanted to do the cover justice with the red lighting, but that turned out to be a bit of a struggle. So eventually I posted for slightly different lighting, but I think it still fits with the look and feel of the cover. 

So here he is:


and the link to my instagram post. Funny story, I started this account for the first TGA painting comp. It's such a great medium to share my hobby:)



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Hi Here’s my entry. Got this free with the WD years ago, went in the back of a drawer. I did consider turning it into a pit slave for Necromunda, but never got round to it. I’m glad I didn’t as he fits the bill perfectly for the theme of this comp. I had a lot of fun painting this mini, trying out some new techniques.



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It’s bloody, it’s glorious, it’s my entry to the #tgapainting contest. Sadly the parts for my wizard didn’t arrive, so you’ll have to make do with his themed balewind vortex and a familiar... who manages to be the only non-bloody thing in there. How did he get his ‘trophy’ then? 🤔

great initiative @Ben! Really helped me finish my balewind, would have been an endless project otherwise.




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