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The TGA Painting Challenge - #1

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Hi everyone.  

back in the early days of TGA we held a painting contest that was really well received and everyone seemed to enjoy.  I'd like to bring this back with a monthly challenge.  

The original thread - 



I'd like to bring this back and will get things rolling in March.

So you all have a 2 week head start.


Good Luck!  



This thread will remain the as the contest thread.  In future months I will update with a new post and edit this first page.  




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This months theme is: 

Blood and Glory

Like all fine art, you are free to convey that however you will.  The more creative the better. 

The Rules

Entries must be posted in the results thread - tga.community/entries

Only one image per entry.  Feel free to use a montage, but bear in mind that TGA resizes images to  a maximum of 800x800 so don't make it so big we can't see what it is!

The Final image must also be shared on your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with a link back to this contest thread and the hashtag of #TGAPaint1.  Please add a link to your your social media post on your entry on here.  (An example of this is waiting for you in the results thread already).

All miniatures entered must be your own work (no getting a commission painter to do something for you)

You need to be a member of TGA.Community in order to enter

Prize Support

Element games and Artis Opus have kindly sponsored this months Painting Contest.  

Element Games are giving a free Start Collecting set to a random entrant. 




Artis Opus are giving a free brush set to the person voted as the contest winner. 


How to Win.

At the end of the last day of the month the entries thread will be closed and a new Poll thread opened.  This will remain open for 1 week.

The winner of the poll is crowned the TGA Painting Challenge Champion and will be remembered for all eternity.  

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