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Veteran hobbyist but AoS newbie!

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Hi all,

Long time hobbyist here but I'm completely new to Age of Sigmar

I've been in the hobby since 1993,  just before the 2nd edition release of 40K and about a year after WHFB 4th edition i think. I played WHFB but confess I'm a AoS rookie - the lovely Nighthaunt minis caught my eye and I got sucked in.

I'm 40 and married with a 4 year old son, so nowadays I prefer the modelling and painting side of the hobby, but i do manage to get in odd battle here and there. I've been playing Blood Bowl a lot and some of the specialist games from the 40k side of the fence.

I'm working a small Nighthaunt force for now, and might have to look into Pointy aelves/Lumineth Realm lords as I always liked High Elves in fantasy.

When it comes to painting, I'm the slowest painter in the world, so my pile of shame is ridiculous, especially as I can't resist new shinies, but I'm working on it, plus contrast paint has helped.  

I've also subscribed to Mortal Realms (for now) as its not a bad saving for some of the stuff - and handy for more chainrasps!

Looking forwarded to getting involved and learning from everyone.

Thanks for having me 🙂

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