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Listbuilding around Gotrek

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So back when Gotrek was releases I remember all manner of discussion of how he would break the game, and all the Order armies he might find a place in. Fast forward to 2020 and he seems to have largely retreated out of the limelight.

I'm curious if anyone has found success in using him as a basis for army-building. A lot of early theorycrafting involved either sticking him to Idoneth since they're one of the only armies that can give him bonuses, or Cities to take advantage of spells that can target him. There were also Endless Spell heavy lists that would use things like Cogs or Emerald Lifeswarm to amp up his speed and durabiltiy respectively, or damage-dealing spells to create "funnels". I think the big issues with these was always that Gotrek himself is already too large an investment to spend much more to give him some additional marginal benefits.

So, has anyone found that killer list he really fits in and synergizes with?

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I won and came 2nd in 2 events with him. (3 games and 5 games)

I took him with DoK 

He is a target magnet, which is great and people are desperate to kill him so ignore the rest of my army running at his face.

You dont really need emerald, or cogs. Guy I played against in LVO had cogs on his Gortek list and I killed him by turn 3. (he also had him in IDK)

Things which work well are:

1: Shooting support. Anything to clear screening units helps
2: Support bodies. Something wrapped around him to stop units that throw a lot of attacks out vs him 
3: Magic healing can help keep him in, but tbh he should be fine
4: Another big target. I had Morathi and Gotrek (clean 1kpts) and you have to deal with the anvil that can hit you turn 1 and then the hammer which hits turn 2-3. Really hard to deal with both 

A lot of games he wont get back his points, which is fine as long as he is soaking up the enemies attention and attacks. 


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