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Greetings from beyond the Wall!

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Long time lurker, first time poster. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I played 40k and WFB as a teenager in the 90s and then had spells with LOTR and WFB 7e in my 20s. I got back into miniature painting about 5 years ago for D&D and then got interested in Warhammer again at the tail end of 7e. I've always been more drawn towards fantasy models so I expanded into AoS pretty quickly and started collected a Tzeentch army, mainly as an excuse to paint a Lord of Change.

I've only played a handful of games but as well as my Tzeentch, I have 2/3rds of a Deepkin army painted (a couple of characters, 6 more eels, 10 thralls and a turtle to go). Once the fishbois are finished I have a Mawtribes project in  mind that I've started buying for. 

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