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Entry into Overlords! Model List?

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I am looking to start getting into AoS.  I am a former Fantasy player, with still quite a large Lizardmen army.  I haven't touched that as Seraphon.

I used to play Dwarfs, Lizardmen and Vampire Counts (Dwarfs were my favorite!).

The group we're in is avid 40k players, but we're taking a bit of a break before 9th edition rolls out in summer - we hear.  That being said, I was looking for what a good initial purchase would be.  Something I definitely wouldn't go wrong with in terms of units. 

Stressing a point here... my group is *highly* competitive, even though they pretend they aren't. 

Looking for advice on a 'standard' list, and I can branch out from there, while utilizing the bulk of the list in multiple formats once I kind of get a feel for how it plays and the game itself.  

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Just a few thoughts that might help

1) 9th edition hasn't been confirmed in any way shape nor form. Even the rumours are pretty weak for it at present (in fact I think some are just news sites reporting on forum wish-lists for the most part). So I wouldn't "Expect" 9th edition in the summer. 

2) Seraphon (lizardmen) have a brand new Battletome coming out very soon. It was revealed at the last release event a week or so ago along with a stepped temple pyramid terrain feature. So they are certainly getting a nice update to their rules (though it looks like its just rules so no new/updated models). So that might land you with a nice working army for 2.0 with your lizards. 


I can't advise on where or what to start with for the Khadorans

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I think you can never go wrong with a Start Collecting.
From the sounds of it you might actually be able to field a nice Cities of Sigmar (Subfaction Tempest's Eye) Army which can consists of many old dwarve units and Kharadron. Maybe that might be interesting for you? (Tempest's eye is one of the most competetive Cities of Sigmar Subfactions) :)

As for Kharadron one would have to do some research since they're new. How about you simply take a look into the Kharadron subforum on this Website, they usually toss around list ideas and talk about what's usueful and what plainly isn't.


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Welcome to the forums @maaksel! I've recently started a KO army myself. Here are a few recommendations based on my research:

  • Cities of Sigmar - I believe the "Tempest Eye" city noted by @JackStreicher above allows you to field traditional dwarfs (now referred to as "Dispossessed") with a couple of Kharadron Overlord units mixed in. A good way to start if you have a collection of old fantasy dwarfs.
  • Kharadron Overlods - Specifically the Sky-Port (subfaction) Barak-Thryng. The flavor of this sky-port is these dwarfs still revere the old ways. This is like the flip side of Tempest Eye. They are a Kharadron Overlord army that is allowed to field a couple of other dwarfs as well. Another good stepping stone to...
  • Lastly is a full on Kharadron Overlord Army. It really comes down to what kind of theme or flavor your are  looking for. Here are some ideas:
    • Its hard to go too wrong with a Frigate and a Box of Arkanauts.
    • The Start Collecting box is a deal if you are interested in the units inside.
    • Aether War is a recent boxed set you can find on ebay or Miniswap. This is a good jumping point if you are primarily interested in fielding a balloon-backpack based army.
    • Another great deal is trying to find the out-of-print Battleforce box from the holidays. This is a sizable starting force.

That should at least give you a strong starting place as far as what you need to look up and research. I wish you luck!

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