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I'm starting to drag a friend down the AoS path. He's been playing that fan fiction game but have started to express interest in AoS. Great! So come Saturday we'll be playing a 2000 points game with one of the GH scenarios. I'll be playing Sylvaneth, ancient + 2x branch wraiths, 20+20+10 dryads, tree lord, durthu.

He is gonna bring his daemons and as he's new to the game and I've hardly faced chaos/daemons at all in AoS list-building is gonna take half the day. So I was hoping someone here could give us some tips on a good daemon list. 

This is - as far as I know - what we have for the daemons:

30 Plaguebearers, 30 bloodletters, 20 horrors, 5 big flies, 4 Nurglings, 3 screamers, 3 Flamers, 4 beasts, 5 Seekers, Herald of khorne, Herald of Slaanesh, Herald of nurgle, great unclean one, soul grinder.

We can surely mix something up but as I said, any advice would be apron arpeggio appreciated!

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Well against sylvaneth and with so much more models Nurgle seems the most obvious.

Plaguebearers get huge buffs when you take 20+, meaning take as 30 to offset shooting casualties, and keep them with the herald

Your army looks to be about 1760 according to scrollbuilder, so for same points your friend could take

Unclean one

Herald of nurgle

30 plaguebearers

3 big flies

4 beasts, or break them up

Soul grinder.

Then you could add another god combo in, like the blob of 30 bloodletters and herald of khorne for another scary mutually-buffing horde, that can provide plenty of mortal wound attacks

If playing with proper matched play rules you will need to breakup letters 20/10 to have 3 battleline

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