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Stormcast/Kharadron Order Army

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I've been trying to come up with a mobile army that focuses on speedy support/artillery support and  numbers of infantry for screening/objective control that altogether get everything in tied together with only a few heroes with specific roles.

Here is what I came up with:

Allegiance: ORDER

Realm of Battle: GHYRAN


Knight-Incantor (GENERAL), CT: Inspriring, A: Ghystrike 140 pts

Bjorgen Thundrik 140 pts

Neave Blacktalon 120 pts


Arkanaut Company x 10

Arkanaut Company x 10

Liberators x 5

Liberators x 5


Vanguard Palladors, Boltstorm Pistol, Starstrike Javelin x 3 180 pts

Vanguard Palladors, Boltstorm Pistol, Starstrike Javelin x 3 180 pts

Arkanaut Frigate, Heavy Sky Cannon 250 pts

Arkanaut Frigate, Heavy Sky Cannon 250 pts

Thundrik's Profiteers x 4 140pts

Sequitors x 10 Stormsmite Maul, Greatmace 260 pts

Endless Spell:

Everblaze Comet 100 pts

2000 pts total



Knight-Incantor = magic presence/defence, cast Everblaze when it s*** hits the fan

Bjorgen is also a Khemist and can have disembarked Arkanaut Co reroll hit rolls of 1; also late round melee presence

Neave is the mobile hero/monster slayer and will combo Ride Winds Aetheric with the Palladors

Arkanaut Co will be garrisoned only in order to beef up the Fly High attacks of the frigates

Liberators and Seqs for Objective control

Profiteers are additional melee combat support/shooting support

Frigates are main flanking shooters, where the primary purpose will be 1st/2nd turn firepower

Palladors are secondary shooting/melee but with 12" movement and Aetheric riding, will also serve to gain objectives, with Neave close by


Let the discussion commence!


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Instead of grand alliance order, why not Tempest's Eye?

You can get a Hurricanum and a few gyrocopters, and you'll have loads of points for Kharadron Overlords and Stormcast, because only the unit count matters.

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Interesting. I think you overestimate the effectiveness of frigates. Did you realise for example if you use the fly high the arkanauts inside a ship can’t shoot? Because the frigate must land more than 9” away and their range is 9 “. Thunderers would work better for that. 

regarding Neave as a monster hunter. Although I love named characters... you’re better off with a knight zephyros with the sword of judgement. Rather than the artefact on the knight incantor. 

in general I think it’s a cool idea but I keep asking myself why wouldn’t you play this as tempest eye?
replace the liberators, for a battleline objective holder. Can be anything really. 
Exchange Neave for an assassin with the sword of judgment. Which is quite good as you can hide him instead of having your hero threat in the open. 
And some similar changes that all would amount to extra speed and save in that crucial first turn as a shooting army. Not to mention acces to ‘aura of glory’ spell which is awesome . 

again cool concept but that question lingers. Why not tempest eye? 
great modelling and narrative possibilities as well which I love in an army. 

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