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New Deathfaction player, help required.


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Hi everybody,

Recently i started assembling and painting the Malignants box, from which i sold the Mortis engine and kept the other units for play use, i also bought another unit of spirit hosts and a banshee, so i could play some small games.

Now my local GW is going to organise tournaments worth 1500 points, my army currently is 480 points, i thought about to make it easy for myself and get Nagash + a Zombie box and make it 1500 points, although this is probably not really a good army to start with. Although i am on a budget ( 120 euro ) max. I would like to expand my army as such to make it close to a 1500 points army.

Any Advice?

My current army consists off:

1 Banshee

6 Spirit hosts

5 Hexwraiths

Total: 480 Pts.

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Probably better to get a Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon, he can buff the spirits with a 5+ ward save aura and a reroll hit rolls command ability on the Spirit Hosts.

The VLoZD is also an absolute tank and a beast in combat. Give him Ring of Immortality or the Cloak (for alpha strike) or the Cursed Book (for defence).

After that I would just get a bigger unit of Spirit Hosts.

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