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AoS Super Weekend!


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This weekend is the big one.  Over 500 tournaments gamers in events worldwide. 

Cancon 220

LVO 168

the GW GT is usually around 100 

Maybe over 600 in all events! 


I grabbed the image off @Antipodean7 on twitter. 



Any predictions for this weekends events?  Big winners and losers?  OBR are looking strong but Tzeentch could be a good counter to them .  I wouldn't be surprised to see some shocks out of nowhere too. 

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1 hour ago, Doko said:

I bet obr and tzenth gonna win all those tournaments.

Who tougth for 200 points a unit of horrors with 50 wounds and a -1 to be hit in melle armywide is balanced.......

Not LVO, old books being used. I haven't really like the armies they were showing on stream for LVO either, wish I could watch CanCon instead.

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4 hours ago, Lhurgoyf said:

Do any of these events have live coverage to follow?

The Honest Wargamer is at CanCon (the tournament is actually called Call to Glory 2020) and there have been cameras and streaming all weekend. I don't know the actual channels/websites though.

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