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Hello all


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I am coming back to the hobby after a 2 year break.  My leaving was not brought on by rage quitting over rules or anything even related to the hobby, but rather because I had a new job, moved twice, and met a nice girl, all of which caused me to not have time for warhammer.


I am a reformed 40k tau player.  A month ago when I decided to come back to war gaming I was going to come back to 40k.  Bought some skitarii, got 2 Onger legs put together and then found out about AoS.


Fantasy was always the game I wanted to play most, but the lack of players in my area and the finneckyness of the movement rules helped keep my involvement low.  What really sold me on AoS was the Season of War.  When I was a kid hanging around my FLGS I remember GW campaigns that supposedly affected the world, so my inner child demanded I play AoS.


I started with my 8th Ed lizzies and craved more shooty, built a bonesplitterz kunnin rukk and desired more durability.  Thanks to TGA I have realized stormcast is what I really want, durable guys with shooty options, and almost no magic....wait...that sounds familiar....


anyways, just thought I should formally introduce myself

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