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Meeting engagement tournament pack - preempting questions

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I am going to be running a small meeting engagement tournament in Bristol (Ingaland) in March. I was wondering if there were any common rules queries I should cover in the tournament pack as the format is not well played?

The two things that I can think of are:

The bone tithe nexus will be treated like any other piece of faction terrain. If there is no space, there is no space.

"Deepstriking" units are to be declared before deployment commences and deployed with the relevant contingent.

Anything else I should add?

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Can't add much but with how popular Meeting Engagements is you can find a lot of curious players on reddit and facebook to gauge their questions/problems they ran into.

And of course TGA is full of rule clarifications on it you can look around for.


Hope that helps, best of luck! ;)

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