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Boon of Mutation and new keyword



Can Boon of Mutation add Skyfires and Enlightened to a unit of existing ones or does it only work on the normal Tzaangors? The new Battletome changes the spell to be the keyword TZAANGOR but no unit has that specific keyword. It's either TZAANGORS, TZAANGOR ENLIGHTENED/SHAMAN/SKYFIRES. Does the keyword count if part of it is in it or does it have to be the exact phrasing word for word? I don't get why they would change it to be a keyword if it would only work on normal Tzaangors as it did previously.

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Posted (edited)

Maybe this Point of the Corebook FAQ will help.


Q: Sometimes a keyword will be listed in its singular form
in one place and its plural form in another. Are the plural
and singular forms both considered to be different keywords?
For example, are the BLOODLETTER keyword and the
BLOODLETTERS keyword different keywords?
A: No. The singular and plural forms of a keyword are
synonymous for rules purposes.

So, it is for units with the Keyword TZAANGORS.

You can combine multiple Keywords but you can't split a keyword.

The reason for the change is maybe if they want to add new Tzaangor Units with other weapons or want to Split the Warscrolls Weapon Options.


For some reason that thread was posted twice:


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