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Skies of Slaughter / The Spellflux Spire


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Very mildly surprised to see absolutely zero mention here of these two features in the latest White Dwarf. No one read it yet? Of no interest because it’s not about a model’s points going up by 5? Or everyone just super busy with Christmas and all that nonsense?

for those yet to see it, SoS is a much crunchier rule set for aerial battles with just a few, bigger, models involved. Reworked warscrolls (in this issue there’s one for a Bloodthirster & Ironclad), different rules for movement, firing arcs etc.

It looks interesting, kind of jarring at first to see those kind of much crunchier base rules into AoS (or a version of). Will be more warscrolls, battle plans in next issue I believe but definitely a nice addition. 

not sure how easy it would be to directly incorporate it into a normal game but then it looks like Aether War will have new aerial rules too and there’s a few bits here it will be fun to play with and look to add to narrative games (or maybe even later versions of the core rules).

The Spellflux Spire is much slighter, just a simple little boardgame, 4 wizards trapped in a Stormvault basically, trying to escape the titular tower. Despite, or because, it’s so simple I think this could be a fun addition to some narrative games.

My first thought was a small points game where each army has to have a wizard as a general, maybe even that as the only hero/leader in each army.

Set up the Spellflux board to one side and a large tower, or whatever you have, in the middle of the AoS table. Then play both simultaneously, the armies duke it out as normal but with essentially no hero phase.

First wizard to escape returns to the main battlefield, the rest swallowed up by some infernal force, and gets some bonus super spell plus all their normal abilities to then wreak ****** on the remaining armies.

Obviously needs a little refinement! But still basis for an interesting game there I reckon. Now to figure out how to mix things all up for some aerial wizard wars.

Anyway interested in what others who’ve had a chance to check them out think about them so far. Played either yet? Going to? Sparked any ideas?

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We're planning on giving the Spellflux Spire a go at some point soon, just need to get everyone together in the new year.

The White Dwarf mini games are usually a fun little distraction, but I love your idea of combining it with a larger game. Consider that idea stolen.

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