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Orruks tribe - Ice Klaw Klan, army in progress - update Savage Ironjawz Brutes painted


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1 hour ago, Thenord said:

Amazing work! Could you give some hints in what colors you used for the fur on the gruntas, that's the exact colors I would like mine to have 😊


Thanks man! I have posted the step in some previously post, i quote myself :D :

For the pale fur:

- base  bleached bone or something similar (dirty white)

-soft washing with balor brown (very thin/watery) all over

- agrax shade all over, always trying to be controlled, be more or less aggressive according to the area

- soft and controlled drybrush with white + bleached 50-50 more or less

-last highlight with white + bleached (more white then before) with normal brush passed on single hair, sounds scary and long this process but it doesn't; i don't paint every single hair and even so it's pretty rapid if you can do it with precision!


Feel free to ask for everything else!

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Hello! Some update, i've finished 3  Savage Ironjawz (no base yet) in these days! Much fun to paint because i tried various war paint both on armor and  face/skull.

They will be the Megaboss' elite warriors.

Hope you like them, let me know your thoughts! (click on for larger pics)




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Thanks guys! Another one painted ( excpet the metal part, i completely forgot to finish them 🤐)

The face had some problems because i tried the warpaint more than once but i was never satisfied, in the end i left this  spartan/rough warpaint style, i like it but it's not as i wished.





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Thanks guys!

5 hours ago, Timcz said:

Amazing! These newest ones look sensational. 

What colours are you using for the highlighting on the black armour? (Before the weathering/damage) 

The black armor is very simple:

- black as base

- first light black + adeptus 60/40 (only delineate/outline following the shape/sculpt of armour)

-add ushabti bone to previously mix for more light, not everywhere

-last light with ushabti + white 50/50 only in some spot and small dot here and there (this last step add also some weathering effect) 


It's all, after this i make immediately the warpaint!

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2 hours ago, Tnichme said:

Registered just to say that these are awesome! I was wondering how you got the rust effect on the weapons? I have been trying to do rustic weapons and keep miserably failing. 

Many thanks! The rust effect is made by a mix of shade and glaze, here the general steps for the metal:

- Leadbelcher as base

- shade with nuln oil + agrax 50/50

- washing with a super thin snakebite leather or something similar (now i use leather brown from vallejo)

-adding a bit of doombull brown to snakebite (always very thin) and start glazing where you want to, usually downward or where yo uwant more shadow

-adding rhinox hide to the mix and the same

(the glazing steps may require more than one or two passage each, depends on you but surely the more, the better!)

-come back with leadbelcher for some light, with some glaze or more clear/sharp brush stroke, this really depends from the surface and your intention. Final light with brighter metal.


This is the way i use recently, for the first model instead of rhinox hide i thought i use some dark red (red + black, not brown red). 

Actually i always change something, adding some more here etc, etc, but this are the general guidelines to follow! 

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