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Orruks tribe - Ice Klaw Klan, army in progress - update Savage Ironjawz Brutes painted


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Im italian fan (sorry for bad english) of all gw universe and miniatures game in general... but mostly gw :D. Greenskin since the start of this passion more than ten years ago, with the release of orruks in aos my happines raises a lot and i felt like glorious old time, i were literally impatient for that release!

So now here we are; im always been very slow to paint a personal army but little by little i hope to raise a modest orruks force to smash some heads in mortal realms!

May i present you my orruks tribe: the Ice Klaw Klan.

For now i painted 4 gruntas, one missing because i try to heavily convert it and now i need some bits to fix it, but we dont care.

The next in processing are 3 gore gruntas and the megaboss that ill show you in next days, im converting it at the moment.



EDIT: due to link error must repost all pics argh














A little intruder:



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Thanks guys i really appreciate it!! 

@Turragor yep also greenskins need come compliment once in a while :D

@JokerLord too kind im not so good!

@roberto @Orruk 

For the skin i use this procedure, i try to explain don't know the english exact terminology used in painting:

- base castellan green + elysian green 50-50 

- pure elysian green on all except the fissure (like between muscle)

- shade/shadow very gently with castellan green

- first light always very gently with castellan green + nurglin green 50-50

- second light with pure nurglin green only in the extremity parts and insist on those sections which will be done with gentle pink; for these is always a very gentle work (a sort of glazing work) with light flesh colour first and purple red then.

- last but very important a final shadow/shade with orkhide shade (old foundation colour) where i think it's needed, this help creating a good contrast.

Ok it's harder said than done, its all about stay gently with brush stroke and make more passage seen the colour is very dilute with water.

I hope this will be helpfull to someone but i can't explain very well :(

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Thanks guys!!

@Arbaal I will try with the next gore gruntas, specially for the light on the faces. Thanks again!

Waiting the gruntas, that are really huge ill take some times to make the first try for colour scheme etc etc, i show you the megaboss!! 90% done, missing some details, it's not finally stuck some part are removable for a better paintwork!

If you have some advice don't hesitate!!

Morghot the Snow Beast:


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That is amazing. Helmet is really fitting with the scrap feel of ironjaw plate. Also love the use of the weirdnob staff for the weapon. I would advise shaving off the khorne decoration on the hammerhead though, it makes it seem too clean and well-made. I would advise may greenstuffing on so strapping, as if to help hold it on? You could keep the vertical bands really, just the ones between them make quite a clear khorne symbol.

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@Soulsmith im glad you noticed this " Helmet is really fitting with the scrap feel of ironjaw plate ", it's exactly what i try to do!

For the hammer is one of the things im in doubt yet, don't know if keep khorne symbol or hide it. From a side could be cool think that is a trophy stolen from a big demon and adapted to become is own weapon! I must decide!

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Hello! After months finally a upgrade (not really seen i've painted this miniature some time ago :ph34r:).

The first gruntas, it's not finish must do the metal things and some details plus the base obviously!

For christmass i've bought the Ironjawz Thunderfist Battleforce so it's time to make larger my army (with my time: slowly xD).gruntas1_1.jpg


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